Administrative disputes

Administrative disputes

Administrative disputes are cases of contesting regulatory legal acts affecting the rights and legitimate interests of persons in the field of entrepreneurial and other economic activities, cases of contesting non-regulatory legal acts relating to specific organizations, and of contesting decisions and actions (inaction) of state bodies, local authorities , officials, cases on bringing to administrative responsibility legal entities and individual entrepreneurs in connection with their entrepreneurial activity, cases on collecting mandatory payments and sanctions from persons engaged in entrepreneurial activity, etc.


The Litigation Group Attorneys at Law provides services for representing and protecting interests in court in the following cases:

  • tax disputes (appeal of decisions-notifications of the tax authority);
  • recognition of non-normative acts, decisions, actions (inaction) of state bodies, local self-government bodies, other bodies, officials (including state executors) invalid (illegal);
  • appeal of decisions in cases of administrative violations;
  • participation in the courts when considering protocols on the commission of administrative and customs offenses.

Other services

Intellectual property Intellectual property

Provision of legal services for the protection of copyright and related rights, as well as rights to industrial property.

The execution of the production The execution of the production

Providing legal assistance in resolving and accelerating the enforcement of decisions of various courts.

Administrative disputes Administrative disputes

Services of representation of interests and settlement of questions in administrative courts of Ukraine in disputes with authorities and local self-government. Tax disputes.

Criminal cases Criminal cases

Protection of the rights of individuals at different stages of criminal proceedings from pre-trial investigation in law enforcement agencies pending criminal proceedings in court. Protection of victims’ rights in criminal proceedings.

Civil dispute Civil dispute

Services on representation of interests and settlement of questions in general courts of all instances on disputes between individuals, organizations, institutions on civil, housing, banking and land issues.

Economic disputes Economic disputes

Services on representation of interests and settlement of questions in economic courts of Ukraine of all instances. Disputes between business entities, organizations and institutions on contractual, corporate and other economic issues.