Civil dispute

Civil dispute

The Litigation Group Attorneys at Law provides the following services in the field of civil disputes:

  • protection of rights to immovable and movable property;
  • compensation of nonmaterial and material damage;
  • protection of violated property rights;
  • recognition and contestation of intellectual property rights;
  • debt collection under the loan agreement, hand receipt;
  • protection of rights in credit and banking disputes;
  • legalization of rights to unauthorized buildings, buildings and structures;
  • recovery of interest, penalties and forfeits;
  • invalidation of transactions;
  • recognition of transactions as not concluded;
  • disputes related to the settlement of disagreements under the contract, with the conclusion, termination, change of transactions, recognition of the contract concluded for an indefinite period;
  • disputes over the assignment of rights to claim;
  • divorce disputes;
  • division of joint property of spouses;
  • family cases related to adoption, recognition of paternity, deprivation of parental rights, protection of the rights of the child;
  • hereditary disputes;
  • recovery of moral damage;
  • protection of honor, conscience and business reputation.

Other services

Intellectual property Intellectual property

Provision of legal services for the protection of copyright and related rights, as well as rights to industrial property.

The execution of the production The execution of the production

Providing legal assistance in resolving and accelerating the enforcement of decisions of various courts.

Administrative disputes Administrative disputes

Services of representation of interests and settlement of questions in administrative courts of Ukraine in disputes with authorities and local self-government. Tax disputes.

Criminal cases Criminal cases

Protection of the rights of individuals at different stages of criminal proceedings from pre-trial investigation in law enforcement agencies pending criminal proceedings in court. Protection of victims’ rights in criminal proceedings.

Civil dispute Civil dispute

Services on representation of interests and settlement of questions in general courts of all instances on disputes between individuals, organizations, institutions on civil, housing, banking and land issues.

Economic disputes Economic disputes

Services on representation of interests and settlement of questions in economic courts of Ukraine of all instances. Disputes between business entities, organizations and institutions on contractual, corporate and other economic issues.