Criminal cases

Criminal cases

There are few situations in which a person would prefer to communicate with the law enforcement system as a defendant in a crime. Especially if a court sentence can deprive a person of freedom for a long time.

Moreover, now, the new legislation on criminal procedure forces to open a case on any application, another thing is that it can be terminated, but there is no guarantee. In such cases, you always need the advice of a lawyer in criminal cases.

It is important to know that a criminal legal expert is necessarily a lawyer, and not otherwise.

His help is needed at all stages of the criminal process. From the opening of the case by the investigator to the decisions of the court. This will ensure the legality of the system’s actions, which can greatly facilitate the situation.

Legal assistance in criminal cases is not only appearances in court or before the investigator, but also the study of case materials, writing various documents (complaints, applications, documents related to the appointment of expertise, requests, petitions). We have to advise the client during the interrogation, actually suggest what and how to speak, we have to explain the legislation, its practical understanding.

However, it is important not only to know the law, the ability to draw up documents, to speak, the defense in criminal cases is the ability to understand the situation, to build a line of defense, to clarify the real circumstances. Therefore, a lawyer must be able to find an approach to people if it is necessary to carry out the work of an investigator, as those are not always eager to work efficiently.

A good lawyer will be able to achieve, if there is reason, a fair punishment, and will not condemn the client for something that he did not commit. For example, the client’s actions will be considered under a “softer article”, and will receive a shorter sentence or even a “conditional” sentence, that is, will not have to serve time in jail.

A criminal lawyer estimates the cost of services in different ways, for example, from the amount of work, its complexity. Depends on the stage from which he has to deal with the case. But whatever the price, the money is worth the services of a lawyer.

Criminal cases are always about unconditional values: life, health, dignity, private property. That is why their outcome is so important for both the victim and the suspect. In Ukraine, judicial practice in criminal cases is considered one of the most difficult areas of jurisprudence. And only a qualified specialist — a professional criminal lawyer specializing in criminal proceedings is able to build the right defense strategy. One of the important aspects of the work of our company is understanding and the ability to work flexibly in the conditions of the new Criminal Procedural Code of Ukraine.

Our lawyers provide the following services in criminal proceedings:

  • protection of the interests of the witness, suspect and victim in the pre-trial investigation;
  • protection of interests of the accused in courts of all instances;
  • the provision of services during the search, interrogation and other investigative actions;
  • assistance in determining the preventive measure in criminal proceedings;
  • appeal of the investigator’s actions;
  • recognition as victim in criminal proceedings.

With us you will feel at ease in the criminal process!

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