Economic disputes

Economic disputes

Economic cases are connected, as a rule, with business issues. Sometimes economic case is based on the relations between legal entities. It is not necessary that their activities relate to commerce. If the party is a simple person who does not relate to the case, as an entrepreneur, then such a case will be civil.

The specialists of our company represent the interests of the client on a wide variety of issues:

  • violation of contractual obligations;
  • debt repayment, debt collection;
  • restoration of business reputation;
  • protection of intellectual property rights (protection of trademark, company name, copyright and related rights);
  • rental disputes;
  • protection of the right to real estate and land;
  • bankruptcy.

Lawyer for economic disputes often prefer to resolve the dispute without a trial, because it saves time. Their task is not only to win the dispute, but not to make the victory pointless, considering all the possible consequences. He has to deal with the laborious preparation of documents for the process, because economic judges are particularly meticulous (they are not as busy as civil judges)

The economic specialist is engaged in:

  • any work related to the drafting of contracts, their changes
  • work related to claims
  • work on the preparation of court documents
  • preparation and search of documents, which may be requested by the judge during the consideration of the dispute.
  • Lawyers in economic cases assist in the proper conduct of business, which requires skills and abilities.

Still they can be engaged in the design of enterprises, organizations, work with statutory documents (their development, amendment).

They have to deal with correspondence with organizations, entrepreneurs. It is important to know that their content can affect a lot. For example, the decision of the opponent to continue the dispute in court. Correspondence constructed in the right way can be an indispensable aid in court. Indeed, according to Ukrainian laws, economic cases are solved only on the basis of documents. All those who are involved in the case can only explain something, but no more. Unfortunately, few are willing to take these issues carefully.

A lot depends on the decision and therefore representation in economic courts can be entrusted only to a professional. This professional is our law company, which provides legal services in such areas as economic disputes. A distinctive feature of the provision of services is that our company in certain cases can guarantee victory in court through a correct and competently built strategy for conducting an economic dispute.

Civil cases are a collection of very different cases that can only occur. They can be divided into several categories:

  • cases involving property rights
  • cases related to contracts
  • cases involving moral or material damage
  • cases related to hereditary issues
  • cases of special production (the court by its decision confirms any circumstances that can not be established in another legal way)
  • disputes between employees and employers

All this mass is divided into many types. And a good lawyer in civil disputes will be able to understand this issue, the features of solving a particular situation. After all, our laws are complicated, numerous, not everyone can even understand them easily, not to mention wisely using them to protect the client.

It should not be forgotten that, for example, a family lawyer is better versed in the division of property, in the issue of “knocking out” alimony from the former spouse better than in the intricacies of registration of land plots. Although, there are experts perfectly familiar with many categories of cases and they can be called masters.

A specialist in such cases will make a claim, will help to collect all the documents, submit them in time, if necessary, will achieve their demand from the judge.

It is important to know that some things in court can be proved only if the necessary documents are on hands, the words of witnesses in most cases are not enough. What are worth only the solutions to the issue by expertise. If people obtain carrying out expert examination, it is difficult for them to challenge the incorrect application of the expert’s conclusions. And these are not the only problems that arise in civil proceedings, even if you have to be only a defendant in the case.

Our company has the necessary practical experience and knowledge of the laws. Lawyers of our firm company carefully analyze the client’s situation and offer the best way to stabilize it. Moreover each case and the help of the expert will be estimated only after acquaintance with all circumstances of case. Professional assistance provided by a specialist in civil cases can be a decisive factor in the restoration of justice and the rule of law.

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